What Chiropractic Leaders Have To Say About Our Products

Dr. Eugene Charles

“If you want to ensure that you fully understand how powerful the proper correction of vertebral subluxations are and that you are intelligently conveying this to your patients and colleagues, then I highly recommend investing in these charts and CD. I found them to be very helpful in ensuring that I wasn’t communicating space age material like a dinosaur.” — Eugene Charles, DC, DIBAK www.charlesseminars.com

Dr. Luis Vera

“An excellent learning tool which simplifies the complicated neurology behind the vertebral subluxation. I used the charts at major universities to introduce the chiropractic profession to pre-medical audiences. Highly recommended!”                — Luis Vera, DC

Dr. Bill Austin

“I want to thank you for developing the Vertebral Subluxation Flow Chart. Every chiropractor needs to have one in their office and review it every day. It explains why we do what we do. The potential harm that subluxations have to healthy growth and development is devastating. We too often forget. Reviewing your chart daily has helped me re-dedicate my commitment to detect and eliminate subluxations that are robbing my patients of the optimal well-being.”                     — William Austin, DC, CCSP, CCRD